Giddy Reds Nation is an initiative of Konnekt 9 Media Ltd. K9 is a media outfit which was established in 2009 with the purpose of exploring opportunities in an emerging local entertainment industry. Since then, the company has been involved in artist management and event planning among other endeavors. G.R. Nation is the company’s first venture into sports, being an industry of great interest and possibility – especially with the emergence of eSports. K9 is co-owned and run by Lawizzy Red.

The G.R. Nation blog is intended to reflect the genuine thoughts of the United faithful as opposed to the regular news media. Furthermore, hope is that the blog is able to form a basis for passionate United fans in Nigeria, with hopes of bringing the Man Utd experience closer to home. We hope to form a United fans association, where we can share common experiences/ideas centered around the world’s biggest club. The blog is not intended to be a regular news site – rather a discussion forum where opinions are shared through opinion articles, player features and banter.


Lawizzy Red

The G.R. Nation blog is currently written by Lawizzy Red, a life long passionate United fan – who has been watching United games religiously for close to two decades. In that period  of time, reading United news online and scouting United targets on Youtube (LOL) became part of a daily routine. A quiet and mostly reserved individual who can be equally playful, Lawizzy comes alive at the very mention of Manchester United. Read brief bio on Lawizzy Red.


Lawizzy Red

How did we arrive at G.R. Nation?

Giddy Reds Nation Blog was created in April 2016, at a time when Louis van Gaal had about every United fan exasperated. United being my favourite discussion subject was the topic of so many debates between myself, my then best friend and other United fans we come across. Discussing United issues for us was a daily lifestyle, and somewhere along the line, the idea for an interactive United blog came about. The initial idea came out of realization that loads of topics we discussed were not being reflected on some of  the United news/opinion sources we visited regularly.

Sadly, the last of such debates I (Lawizzy) had with my friend was on the merits of signing Zlatan from PSG and the possibility of United acquiring Pogba ahead of Real Madrid – while watching Zlatan toil against Northern Island (Euro 2016). We placed a bet; I, in favour of United getting Zlatan and was optimistic on our chances of snaring Pogba. Less than 3 weeks later, both players were almost as good as confirmed to be United bound – but unfortunately, my friend had passed. No one to regularly discuss United topics with anymore.

G.R. Nation took flight.

Why Giddy Reds Nation?

United fans will recall the dark period that was Louis van Gaal’s sleepy era. Watching United became as torturous as the results that ensued. The emotions could go from elated to deflated in the blink of an eye. These emotions I refer to as giddy.

Giddy by one definition is “having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger; dizzy“. This reflected the not so good sensation felt for long spells of Van Gaal’s tenure when Old Trafford was ‘Doze Trafford’, while;

The other definition is “to make (someone) feel excited to the point of disorientation“. Lingard’s FA Cup winning goal following Smalling’s sending off against Crystal Palace, was one of the rare moments (during LVG’s reign) where this definition applied.

As United fans, tasting both sides of the giddy coin is part and parcel of supporting our Club. Nation speaks for itself as a gathering of people with a common cause, history, culture or language – the United way.  Hence Giddy Reds Nation.

 Where is G.R. Nation headed?

The blog has been set up as medium by which to express opinions and examine issues that affect or concern our beloved Man Utd. The immediate intention is to attract like minded United fans to a forum where topics can be debated. Being based in Nigeria, we also hope for participation that could lead to the setting up of a recognized Manchester United fans club.

Furthermore, leveraging on relationships and developing events, we hope to bridge the gap between the average United fan in Nigeria and the club in Manchester. For now have a look around, browse through our previous posts, leave comments/discussion points and generally be a part of this United experience.

Let’s talk United…

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